Perfect Fit | Services
Perfect Fit offers guidance to families looking to find an educational setting for their children. Families have the option of joining a cohort group or engage in individual consultation for a more in-depth approach.
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cohort group

By joining a cohort, you and a group of like-minded families will go through the process together under the guidance of the consultant.
The cohort fosters a sense of community similar to what families will experience in their chosen schools.  The cohorts will meet monthly and cover topics such as “Finding the Right School/Researching my options” to “Closing the deal/Signing the contract.”  The cohorts will run from August until March. 

individual consulting

Perfect Fit provides individual consulting to families that prefer
a more in depth approach. The consultant will construct a detailed plan and timeline/course of action that the consultant will actively manage. Services include test prep, interpreting test results, transcript review, tours, and financial aid negotiations (as needed). The consultant operates and advocate/representative  to the schools in which the family decides to apply.